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Habets Family

Hey, I'm Lindsey Habets. My husband Jeff and I live between Conrad and Shelby, where we farm & ranch, and raise our three kids. 

I started Hi Line Web Design in 2011. I have really enjoyed being able to work from my home office, while also being here to help when I can on the ranch. Mainly my days are spent chasing after these three wild ranch kids!


My Story


I grew up in Roundup, Montana. After high school, I moved to Havre to attend Montana State University-Northern. It was there, during an Ag-Computing class, where I learned to build a website with nothing but code. It was a real eye opener for me, because I actually found it to be fun! Additionally, I could see the value in having a website, the need for all ranches and businesses to have one, and that there would also be a demand for people who know how to Create. With my passion for agriculture, a technology-driven mind, and this new-found concept of website design possibilities, I tailored my classes to accommodate for this new idea. I graduated in 2008 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agricultural Operations Technology, and a minor in Computer Information Systems.

Upon graduation, I soon found out that an entry level position at a web design company paid less than what I was then being offered to stay on at my current job. And, I liked my job too - I was the service advisor in the shop at the Ford Dealership in Havre, Havre Ford. I remember very clearly, how it felt to be making the decision to not go home to the Billings area like I had planned. But I also remember - never regretting it.


Lindsey Habets


Originally, when I had first started going to school in Havre, I found myself struggling to find nice things to say about this northern part of the state. But several years later, despite the cold windy winters, I found that I had developed a love for the hi-line. I was surrounded by good people, and really enjoyed the community I was living in. So you bet, I made my decision after graduation to stay in Havre. And, the things I learned while working at Havre Ford, are the things that can in no way - be taught in a classroom. I will always be grateful for the 4 years that I was a part of that team, being able to work my way through college, and for the opportunities and learning experiences that it provided me.


Lindsey Habets


I met my husband Jeff, shortly after graduation too. (Funny how things work out, right? Thank goodness for that low-paying job offer in Billings. Ha!) My pickup traveled many weekend Hi Line highway miles and there were a lot of early Monday morning drives headed east, from Shelby back to Havre. Eventually the miles between were too many. I moved to the ranch here in the fall of 2010 and started my website design business in January of 2011. We got married in September of 2013. And, three years later in September of 2016, our son was born. "My new boss calls me MOM!" is what I used to say. And, this job as 'Mom' has been the best one yet. ;)


Lindsey Habets


As with any new enterprise, building my website design business was slow-going at the start. But through the years, I have acquired some awesome projects and have met some of the very best people. The clients I have now are fantastic. I have really enjoyed being able to work with great people, in helping to establish their online presence with the creation of a website - and also the implementation of social media pages.

And, when I'm not at my computer as a website designer, social media manager or photographer, I get to put on one of my other many hats as Wife, Mommy, Cook, Ranch Bookkeeper, Office Manager, Communications Director, Cattle Record Manager and Hired Hand..!


My kids


September 2020:

Build a life you don't need a vacation from.

This line hits the mark for me. This is what I do try to live each day by. The life I have built for myself and my family is one that I am proud of. In continuing to build, I have found that over the course of the past year, my focus is shifting. I find myself shifting from the idea of "build my website business" to - "build a life that's best for my kids, my husband, myself - my family". I have thoroughly enjoyed helping others build their brand, promote their image and show the world the greatness they have to offer.

Now, I'm ready and excited to do the same for me and my family.

I do intend to keep taking care of my website clients - my people - for as long as they'd like me to.

I am however, stepping back from a position of promoting my business. For now, I will not be offering website design and development services to new clients. This may change in the future, and I may still be up for a small sideline design or photography project, so it never hurts to ask. But I do want to update my website here to share with everyone that... It has in no way been an easy decision - but I have come to realize that I need, and want, to put my family first. Thanks for your understanding and if you get a chance, and want to know what I'm up to these days - jump out to my new Facebook page: Home is Where the Herd Is.



Home is where the herd is


While I don't need to be promoting Hi Line Web Design, I came to the realization that I did need to come up with some kind of a creative outlet for myself. The page is essentially a blog - For me to share photos, stories, writing, and other random things of interest. That's the general idea, anyway. That's where you can find me.

If you're reading this now – Thanks. Come join me at my home, where the herd is.

Have a great day!


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